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Helping women achieve empowered births through education and care. 
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Meet Evana Cooper Starling

Meet Evana Cooper

Hello and welcome!


My name is Evana and I am a mom of 4 mini-me munchkins - ages ranging from 15-3 years old and we live in the South Jersey area!

I love being involved in my local community. I spend as much time as I can as a community leader, organizing youth groups, community events, and helping with local incoming refugee families. I homeschooled my children before enrolling them in public school and during those years I co-founded the local home-school group ‘South Jersey Muslim Homeschoolers’ to support Muslim moms and their families. Now I sit on multiple committees and organizations in Cherry Hill for diversity, inclusion, and equality for Black families.  

I have 15 years of experience in all things birth and babies. I had 4  very different and very tumultuous births and with that, I decided I need to do this for myself and other mamas to be. As a teacher, I have helped educate young minds and assist in childbirth education for fourteen years now both professionally and personally. I have lived in five countries and taught far and wide, working my way up through multiple schools in roles including teaching assistant, head of English, and curriculum coordinator assistant. I even ran a summer camp for five years.


Due to meeting many children and parents from different cultures during my travels, I have gained a unique perspective that not many other doulas have. One that allows me to connect with families from all walks of life, no matter their circumstances.

I am a certified assistant midwife, labor and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, experienced youth educator, and committed advocate for empowering families within my community. A mother of four myself, I began my own venture ‘Evana Births’ in 2018 after experiencing first-hand the struggles of birthing my own children. I now strive to pass on what I have learned to other mothers and work tirelessly under my own brand, in addition to a few others, to serve and empower women that are going through labor and postpartum.


I'm certified in Newborn Resuscitation, Rebozo Practices, labor acupressure, and CPR. I aim to ensure every mother has the most comfortable birth and postpartum experience that they possibly can. Not to mention being booked to speak at institutions such as Rutgers University on topics such as doula work, motherhood, teenage development, and community outreach. I also recently became the USA AMANI Coordinator! 


I personally know what it is to need a friend and partner during pregnancy and postpartum. I want to be that person for you! I have an enthusiasm and passion for maternal mental health and making the birth process the most positive experience a woman will have in her life through education, support, and compassion.


My ultimate vision is to help women achieve empowered births through education and care. I hope I can be the support you need!



Why Hire a Doula?

Why Hire a Doula?


What is a Doula?


The word “Doula” comes from the Greek word doula, meaning “handmaiden” or “woman who serves.” That is exactly the job of a doula for a laboring woman: to serve the laboring mother and help her have her desired birth outcome. 


Studies have shown that doulas like me, can help cut back on time spent in labor, reduce your anxiety, lower the rate of medical interventions (including C-sections) and improve mother-baby bonding post-birth!


In other words, while your doctor is checking to see how far you're dilated and how quick those contractions are coming and your partner is collapsed in a chair looking hungry and exhausted, I will be the one standing by your side, making sure you have everything you need for a positive birth experience.


 I will be your massage therapist, your friend, your therapist, your DJ, your court jester, or anything else you need in order to have the birth YOU want!



Why hire a doula if you already have a doctor and a husband? And a mother?!


Unlike nurses, doctors, and family - doulas do not take shifts or leave during labor. I will be continuous with my laboring mom, without leaving or sleeping. Also, unlike medical professionals, a doula does not have other patients or rounds so her single focus is on the mother. My job is to be all about YOU!


You can expect the following from me:


   *  To provide continuous emotional and physical support


   *  To give you information if asked and help you find resources to research your birth choices (before labor)


    *  To use comfort measures like massage, suggest different positions and help with relaxation breathing


    *  To accommodate your wishes for the birth environment (low light, soft music, or a party, whatever you want) to the extent possible in the place of birth


     * To encourage you to communicate with your doctor and to be informed about any procedures and interventions (a doula does NOT give medical advice or interfere with the doctor/mother relationship)


      * To support the father or birth partner in the best way to support YOU. A doula never replaces the very important role of the birth partner and a good doula will help the birth partner by suggesting ways that he can support the laboring mom and things that can improve their connection in labor.



What WON’T a doula do?

I am not a medical professional and do not give medical advice. (If a doula ever tries to give you medical advice or directly suggests that you go against medical advice, this should be a red flag).


As a doula, I will also not perform medical tasks like checking blood pressure, doing cervical exams, or monitoring the baby’s heart rate. It is never the place of a doula to judge, condemn, or go against a mother’s wishes. Doulas do not take over or come between the mother and her birth partner or doctor.


“I’m having an epidural, Can I still hire a doula?


Yes most definitely! 


  • I will provide support prior to your arrival at the hospital. How long that will last depends on many factors including instructions from your Doctor or Midwife. This means you’ll be laboring without any pain relief and I can help to increase your comfort and confidence while you are still at home until its time for us to head in!


  • Even with an epidural, there are things that you may need comfort for! I am trained to help with your message, I can help with counter pressure or help with movement - but most of all I will be there to help you keep your cool before, during, and after your epidural. 


  • A doula is a great interpreter in labor. I will work to help convey what your goals and desires are to the nursing and medical staff, while also helping you understand what they are discussing or recommending and how it will impact your labor. I can help you ask the questions that you need to ask to get the information to make the best decision for you and your baby.


  • After the baby is born, I can help you make sure that your baby is kept with you, skin-to-skin, ready for breastfeeding. I can also help you manage the flow of friends and family after the birth as you and your baby have some quiet time for bonding.

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