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 Being a doula in New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia Area, I have met some of the most incredible families. They have become more than my clients, they are now my family. I always joke that your children are a quarter mine, after our time together! Below are some testimonials of my "family". In addition, the link below will take you to my DOULAMATCH page for more reviews.

Evana was the most incredible postpartum doula I have ever worked with! First off she was flexible about the timing that I requested and also reached out to me a few days before her first visit to see if I needed anything. Then she showed up early and texted instead of ringing the bell in case my other kids were sleeping, which was so considerate of her. She was extremely enthusiastic and caring from the moment I met her. She went above and beyond in terms of taking care of me with meal preparation and doing dishes too! I can't say enough positive things about her attitude and willingness to help. She was so proactive and took the best care of my baby, talking to him and treating him like her own. I would highly recommend her to anyone and happy to answer any questions.


Couple with their Baby

Evana exceeded all expectations. I was a bit hesitant for my wife with this pregnancy as she had really bad experiences with her past two pregnancies. Evana was able to provide a relaxing experience and coached my wife through everything. She is super responsive and follows up regularly to check on everyone. She taught us things that we never would have thought of and she provided us information that truly was a blessing. I could not say anything bad, I feel we have gained a friend through this amazing experience. We HIGHLY recommend Evana.

-Michael and Heather Lewis


Evana was a Godsend, there's no other explanation for her services. She came to my hospital room on a last-minute request. I didn't know what to fully expect but the level of warmth she possessed made me feel like family from the time she walked through the door until she departed. Giving birth brought on such an indescribable vulnerability that I was not prepared for, but Evana was my calm. I'm forever grateful for the great amount of genuineness & compassion she showed me not to mention her professionalism! There wasn't an emotion of mine that she wasn't I tuned with. She's truly a gem & would recommend her a thousand times over!! 



Evana and I connected immediately and the moment I met her I knew I wanted her to be part of our birth team. Being first-time parents, my husband and I really didn’t know what to expect. What I thought I knew about birth and “what to expect” was formed by what I saw on TV or from other women’s stories which mostly created this idea that birth was scary and chaotic. Evana helped me change my perspective immediately that my birth was going to be amazing, exciting, and peaceful. She was very flexible and understanding when our birth plans changed from going to the hospital to doing a home birth. At every stage in pregnancy and labor, she was comforting, reassuring, and calming. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She was available to us for every question or concern we had, and if she didn't have an immediate answer she never left us hanging and always followed up with educational and evidence-based information.  After our daughter was born Evana checked up on us frequently and even came for a late-night visit when I was struggling with nursing. She has an amazing ability to read people, bring lightness and humor into any conversation you have with her and she will make you feel supported, heard, and honored with every decision you make for your family. She is more than our amazing Doula, she is part of our family now too because we couldn’t have entered this new chapter as parents without her!

Amelia Kaselaan


Cheerful Pregnant Woman
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