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Postpartum Doula Packages

It is my passion to help the parents of new infants adjust and grow into a new phase in their family’s life. I provide insight and support regarding the physical and psychological nuances of the postpartum period, offer an extra set of hands to help you adjust to a demanding new schedule, and give hands-on, infant-care and new parent support and training.


I offer the following packages that allow you to take advantage of all that postpartum doula support can offer your family with savings off the per-hour cost when paid in full at the time of hire.


Postpartum doula support is available in 4-hour minimums per shift.


A postpartum planning session including a needs assessment lasting one hour with me. We will meet before the birth of your baby to establish a relationship, discuss the special needs of your family, and develop a postpartum plan.


This meeting usually lasts 1 hour and is included for free with the purchase of all packages.




Focus on restorative and compassionate support for the family

  • Breastfeeding/Bottle-feeding Support

  • Parent and Baby Bonding Guidance

  • Infant Soothing Advice

  • Basic Babywearing Advice (Or, referrals for specialized care if needed)

  • Basic Newborn Care

  • Big Sibling Transition Guidance (if needed)

  • Registry and Nursery Set-up Guidance

  • Sibling Care so parents can bond with the new baby

  • Newborn care so parents can bond with older siblings

  • NICU Transition Support (if needed)

  • Errand-Running

  • Light Housekeeping

  • Baby Laundry

  • Meal and Snack Preparation 

-Hourly fee is $40 per hour for daytime and $45 an hour per hour at night.

To Book a package- please email me at 


20 Hour Package


40 Hour Package

Image by Zach Vessels

80 Hour Package

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