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Birth in the New Age

Due to CO-VID 19 and the recommendations set forth by the CDC, until further notice, all group classes and workshops will stream live through the online platform Zoom.  This means I now have LIVE STREAMING INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL ATTENDANCE available. I and many other educators have taken the reigns to help to decide what can be done to provide a sense of safety, comfort, and empowerment during the COVID-19 crisis.   


What makes Birth in the New Age the perfect course for you?

  • Classes demonstrate and provide practice for various positions, relaxation exercises, types of touch, and the use of tools to create effective coping rituals. 


  • Classes will prepare you for the unexpected, explaining the benefits, risks, and alternatives to common interventions and effective ways to communicate clearly with your care providers.  These skills are designed to help you to navigate any detours from your ideal birth while minimizing risk and maintaining birth satisfaction.


I know how stressful this time is and so many of you are attempting to manage an unknown situation for your upcoming births. 


I am here to help! Talk to me and ask me questions.  Let me help you and your birth partner to know how to apply counter-pressure, where and how to massage, how to breathe and maintain calm during labor. Let's role play advocacy scenarios so that you get the information you need and so you have your best birth. ​​Register below for your chance to learn in your PJs during this time of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


In this class, we will cover the following topics and much more-

  • Gestation and Anatomy of pregnancy and childbirth

  • Signs, Stages and Emotional Signposts of Labor

  • Non-pharmacological Pain Management Techniques and comfort measures for birth: breathing, relaxation, position choices, massage, pressure points, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, vocalization and much more

  • Understanding Evidence-Based Care

  • Birth Preference Sheets (aka Birth Plans)

  • Pain Medication Options during childbirth

  • Labor Support Options

  • Understanding Medical Support (Interventions) and Induction

  • Cesarean Birth and Prevention

  • Postpartum Health

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