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AMANI Childbirth Education Classes

Assisting Mothers for Active, Natural, Instinctive Birth

 - Due to the CoVid-19 crisis, all CBE class will be done online in a private ZOOM chatroom for your convenience!


With AMANI Birth, Evana Births is focused on providing expectant parents with education to prepare for their birth and doula support with a focus on Islamic values. 


AMANI Birth is an Islamically founded childbirth education and doula program designed to educate women and support the decisions they make. At AMANI, we believe that God is in control of all things and has created women to conceive, carry, birth, and feed their babies.   


With AMANI, families explore how the female body works during pregnancy and labor and practice coping techniques to manage labor and childbirth without pain medications, assuming there are no complications.


We support families to make informed decisions and find care providers they trust. Knowledge is power and preparation is key. Our bottom line is to encourage families to get educated and prepared for their childbearing journey so that they can make informed decisions, especially if complications arise and medical intervention is offered. Knowing your options and having intelligent conversations with care providers helps mothers keep involved in her own birth experience.


Because we know that not all births go textbook perfect, it is our goal to arm you with knowledge so that you can prepare for the birth you desire, yet feel confident that you've made the best decisions when interventions are required.





AMANI Teachers Provide Women Only as well as Couples Classes to Prepare for a Blessed Start in Life!


Natural childbirth isn't easy but it is worth it! Plan and prepare for as natural a birth as possible and be ready to use your B.R.A.I.N. when medical interventions are suggested so you can make informed decisions about your care. Please note that AMANI does not provide medical advice or services and we recommend that all expectant parents seek proper attendance for their birth. Most childbirths can be managed with little or no pharmaceutical or medical interference, however, all mothers should also be realistic and ready to adapt should complications arise. 


Plan for natural and be wise if interventions become necessary.


I recommend reading the AMANI Birth book as a foundation in your discoveries about the blessings and miracles of childbirth.


The AMANI childbirth classes are taught in 20 modules -to get you ready for all things birth ready!


1.   Mother's Needs in Pregnancy

2.  Pregnancy Exercise

3.  Physiology of Pregnancy

4.  Pregnancy Nutrition

5.  The Purpose of Labor

6.  Stages of Labor

7.  The Role of Hormones

8.  Mother's Needs in Labor and Birth

9.  Overview of Labor and Birth

10. Working with Your Body

11. Mother's Needs in Labor and Birth

12. Protecting Your Birth Environment

13. Birth Team Roles

14. Birthing Positions

15. Complications

16. Minimizing Medical Interference

17. Making the Birth Plan

18. Labor Practice

19. After Birth Care

20. Breastfeeding and Baby Care




Group Lessons

$200 per couple


Do you have a couple of other preggo momma friends looking for a South Jersey Doula? Or would you like me to come teach at your local library or community center? For groups of 10 couples or more, I can make this the most fun and informative group birth class ever! 


Please email me to discuss your needs and let me design the perfect birth class for your community!


My classes run for 10 weeks, so ideally we can get started no later than when you and your fellow mamas are 20 weeks along!

Each class is approximately 1.5 hours.



Private Lessons



Private childbirth classes are a convenient option for those families who find that “traditional” childbirth classes do not meet their needs:


    •    those families with non-traditional work hours, who are busy in the evening or on weekends

    •    people on bedrest

    •    extremely busy professionals whose work schedules do not allow for extended time in class

    •    families with children at home

    •    families with transportation issues

    •    circumstances that make attending a traditional class awkward or unappealing


I can listen carefully to your needs and deliver a compact and efficient childbirth class perfectly designed for your learning style and interests.  Hands-on practice, interesting learning techniques and “need to know” information delivered in a creative manner can be efficiently conducted in your home on dates and times that work for YOU!


Invite your support team to join us, so they too can be ready to help you and your partner cope through effectively during labor and birth!  Everyone will be ready and excited for the big day!.  


Please email me to discuss your needs and let me design the perfect private birth class just for you! 


Each class is approximately 1.5 hours.


My classes run for 10 weeks, so ideally we can get started no later than when your 20 weeks along!


Please contact me to arrange a date and time prior to registering.



Private class rescheduling and refund policy

– Cancellation (you no longer wish to take the class): $25 administrative fee if you cancel 7 days or more before our first class. $100 administrative fee if you cancel less than 7 days before our first class. 


– Rescheduling (you need a different class date): No charge if you reschedule 7 days or more before the scheduled class. $50 rescheduling fee per session if you contact me to reschedule less than 7 days before our class date.










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